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Why Finolee Natural Glass Cleaner?
  • Finolee Natural Glass Cleaner is 100% natural, skin safe, baby safe, pet safe and earth safe.
  • Plant-derived bio-enzymes and active microbes present in Finolee Natural Glass Cleaner not only clean the stains but also disinfects and deodorizes the glass.
  • It contains anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties for the utmost level of hygiene.
  • It is Phosphorus-Free and Acid-free.
  • Finolee Natural Glass Cleaner is toxins-free and 100% biodegradable.
  • The insects’ repellent properties of Finolee Natural Glass Cleaners keep the insects at bay.

Finolee Natural Glass Cleaner is the answer to all the harm that these chemical-based products are doing to our mother earth. It is all-natural, toxins-free, skin safe, pet safe, baby safe and earth safe. The plant-derived bio-enzymes and active microbes present in Finolee Natural Glass Cleaner clean the dirt and add shine to any glass surface.And when the task is complete, it leaves a pleasant fragrance of Jasmine afterwards.

Key Ingredients

Plant-derived Bio Enzymes, Naturally Derived Anionic Surfactants, Essential Oils, DM Water.

How to use?

Add the sprayer to the bottle of Finolee Natural Glass Cleaner and spray lightly on the glass surface. Afterwards, wipe with a cloth, newspaper, paper towel or microfiber for sparkling results. For heavily soiled areas, spray the affected surface and wait 30 seconds before wiping the area for better results.

Where to use?

Finolee Natural Glass Cleaner can be used on all the surfaces however, for the best results, use it on,

  • Glass Windows, Doors, Mirrors
  • Glass Kitchen Stove Top
  • Vinyl & Laminates
  • Dining table with Varnish
  • Car windows and Glass

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