Myths and tips on washing clothes …

Myths and tips on washing clothes …

Very few people might have given a thought about the simple household chores – Laundry. The clothes we wear travel from hamper to washing and cleaning and back again in a repetitive cycle. There are numerous myths about laundry that include the proportion of detergent, washing towels and clothes together, clothes shrink in the dryer etc.

Biggest of all the myths about laundry is that the use of extra detergent makes clothes cleaner. Use detergent in required quantities. It is sufficient to clean your clothes. Excess use of detergent wouldn’t add cleanliness to clothes. On the contrary, it would be harsh on the environment and costlier too. Just a recommended quantity is enough to provide adequate cleaning power to wash your clothes.

In fact we recommend a liquid cleaner made out of natural ingredients rather than using chemically manufactured detergent. Even though your clothes may smell fresh after using detergent, it is proven that regular leading brands of laundry detergents often contain harmful chemicals that lead to negative health effects ranging from skin irritation to carcinogenicity apart from negative effects on the environment.

Nothing is wrong in washing towels and clothes together. It is a myth. As per experts, washing towels and clothes together is not advisable. Our research revealed that most of the households don’t mind washing towels and clothes together. Sometimes they ended up using excess detergent to get better results too!!!

Towels are vast lint producers. During washing enormous amounts of lint release from the towel and can be seen in the dryer screen post washing. In the case of washing clothes with towels, lint would trap on clothes, especially corduroys and sweaters! It is really tedious work to remove lint if not impossible.

Being thick compared to routine clothes, towels require hot and long wash. Besides, towels absorb bacteria and skin cells every time we use them. Hence, towels require greater cleaning treatment as we wear clothes post cleaning our body with towels after having a bath. Here again we recommend a laundry cleaner made out of natural ingredients for washing towels as residual detergent produced using harmful chemicals is not good for your health.

If you are using a dryer, you need to be extra careful as the heat of the dryer will shrink your clothes. We have a tip for this problem if you don’t want your clothes made out of shrinkable material to go smaller in size. Simple solution is to pull out the items out of the dryer just before the cycle is complete. One needs to understand, it is not the heat that shrinks the fabrics, but the dryness causes it.

You don’t need to wash all types of clothes after every time you wear them. In Indian conditions, cotton clothes are required to be washed every time, especially during summer. Jeans are generally made of sturdy material that doesn’t need to be washed after each wear. Same is the case with trousers. If you wash using a laundry cleaner made of natural ingredients, we strongly believe your clothes wouldn’t fade for a long time. 

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