FINOLEE for washing face masks..

FINOLEE for washing face masks..

Natural ingredients used to produce FINOLEE helps keep one’s skin surrounding mouth irritation free….

It seems face masks will be required in public places even after the end of the coronavirus pandemic. Considering the fact high quality reusable cloth masks will add to one’s routine along with other attire. With this new normal, cleaning the reusable masks properly has become extremely important.

Our product FINOLEE provides a splendid option of cleaning a cloth (face mask) which constantly covers your mouth. Cleaning face masks with routine detergents or laundry liquid manufactured using hazardous chemicals would adversely impact your health.

FINOLEE laundry liquid is chemical free and produces used plant based bio-surfactant and bio-enzymes. Unlike the plethora of laundry liquids and detergents available under different brands in the market, FINOLEE laundry liquid is completely made using natural ingredients. It is not harmful to one’s skin. Especially in the case of face masks, use of FINOLEE is extremely important as after wearing a face mask all day, make sure to give it the same TLC (Tender Loving Care) one would give any other piece of clothing in your wardrobe.

As per experts, it is important to remove face coverings or face masks correctly and wash hands post handling/touching a used face mask. Even the United States public health service of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), which is also called Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, recommended that cloth face masks and coverings should be washed and cleaned after each use to prevent spread of COVID-19.

FINOLEE liquid’s handy guide for effective washing of face masks and coverings:

Hand washing using FINOLEE

  • Prior to washing masks, clean the sink or bucket you plan on using and ensure that there are no remaining products in it.
  • Fill the container with hot water. It is crucial to fill the basin before putting in the masks because running water onto cloth can cause the fabric to stretch.
  • Add FINOLEE liquid in it. Then wash the mask in warm water. Rinse the mask thoroughly in warm water and make sure it is left in an area where it will dry completely before next use. FINOLEE is non-irritating, safe for all fabrics. In the case of chemical based laundry cleaning material, even after washing face masks, its residue can harm your skin surrounding the mouth. Since FINOLEE produced using natural ingredients, its residues are not harmful to human skin
  • Squeeze the masks to release any excess water
  • Hang the masks to dry completely before next use.

Machine Washing:

  • Add FINOLEE liquid to the washing machine
  • Place the face masks into the washing machine. Face masks can be washed with your regular laundry, which saves water and energy.
  • Start the cycle. Use the warmest appropriate water which helps to kill germs.
  • Dry the masks in the dryer at the highest appropriate heat or hang them to dry in direct sunlight. Make sure they are completely dry before next use.
  • Store the dry masks in a clean, covered space until you want to use them. Happy FINOLEE washing!

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