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Natural Stain Remover

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Why Finolee Natural Stain Remover?
  • Finolee Natural Stain Remover is 100% natural, skin safe, baby safe, pet safe and earth safe.
  • Plant-derived bio-enzymes and active microbes present in Finolee Natural Stain Remover not only clean the stains but also disinfects and deodorizes the surface.
  • It is bleach-free and acid-free to retain the original texture of the surface.
  • It contains anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties for the utmost level of hygiene.
  • It is caustic-free, phosphate-free, making it one of the most human-friendly stain-remover available in the market.
  • Finolee Natural Stain Remover is toxins-free and 100% biodegradable.

Finolee Natural Stain Remover is an all-natural, toxins-free, skin safe, pet safe, baby safe and earth safe solution to get rid of all the hard stains of your clothes or any surface. Be it tomato ketchup, red wine or blood, Finolee Natural Stain Remover can tackle it with ease. It is infused with plant-derived bio-enzymes and active microbes to make it 100% eco-friendly.

Key Ingredients

Plant based Bio-Enzymes, Bio-Surfactants, Coconut Derivatives, CMI, Preservatives, Purified Water.

How to use?

Normal Stain: Spray on the affected area, wait for 15minutes and wash normally.

Tough Stain: Spray ample liquid and massage the affected area until stains disappear. Then wash normally.

Where to use?

Finolee Natural Stain Remover can be used on,

  • All the Surfaces
  • Clothes
  • Lingerie and Undergarments

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