Knowing natural cleaner is better for you

Knowing natural cleaner is better for you

Any product made from natural ingredients is not only better for nature but also for the consumer provided it is effective as well as affordable.

As per studies conducted on personal and family hygiene, on an average a person spends an hour cleaning and tidying. In the process, one utilizes a plethora of cleaning solutions over the period of time. So many companies put in efforts to make cleaning easy and hassle free. We accept the fact that numerous companies and firms have become instrumental in the evolution of cleaning solutions. However, the million dollar question is whether all known cleaning solutions available in the market are free of harmful chemicals which are a threat for your health and also for the environment?

To the best of our knowledge the answer is NO. Chemically manufactured cleaning solutions are harmful for human beings as well as the environment. The chemicals used in the cleaning release menacing agents into the atmosphere. These chemicals have direct hazardous effects on human health also. 

Can we avoid cleaning solutions produced using such hazardous chemicals? The answer is YES. The finest solution is to replace high-risk chemical cleaners with natural cleaners. 

What is Natural cleaner?

Natural cleaners are made by blending natural ingredients into mixtures in accordance with their inherent abilities for cleaning. The blended mixture made out of these natural ingredients are completely biodegradable and don’t harm either human health or to the environment. Such cleaners are chemical free and hence they are called Natural Cleaners. The ingredients are available in nature that includes different kinds of oils, vinegar, baking soda etc.

There are doubts about the effectiveness of natural cleaners. The biggest question raised against the natural cleaner is – Do natural cleaners have the ability to kill germs?

Definitely natural cleaners can do it. In fact they are the best aseptic agents which keep germs such as bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that cause diseases. Essential oils like tea tree oil, Peppermint oil, Eucalyptus oil, and Lavender oil incredibly serve in killing away germs. The floors which your children play on, the kitchen tops where you cook, glasses and doors, predominantly every aspect can be cleaned with natural cleaners.  Most importantly the essential oil-based natural cleaners boost the immune power to nourish your well-being. In reality, if you wish you can refrain from chemically made cleaning solutions for your entire life.

Do natural cleaners sterilize surfacesYes they can…

The disinfectant properties of the natural cleaners have the ability to remove not only the tough stains but they are also effective at sanitizing. For this purpose, alcohol at 70 percent and above concentrations would be required. Hydrogen peroxide, another significant component in the natural cleaners, establishes a clear road map to successful disinfection.

Research and practical experiences have proven that natural cleaners are as effective as established chemical cleaners. If used appropriately, they can even be more effective than chemically made cleaners. The natural cleaners used in any form, such as spray, wipe, or liquid, beneficially kill bacteria and viruses. Uses of natural cleaners are safe for your kids and pets and safely clean off the stains and murk. They have the ability to destroy bacteria and germs and at the same time spread aroma also.

Don’t wait. Go for natural cleaners as they are better for nature…

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