Our Story

It all began with a thought to preserve nature from harmful chemicals. In a world full of chemically infused household products, Mr V. C. Vala would always wonder, ‘‘Isn’t there any alternative that’s equally or more powerful than this?’ His quest for the answer began.

After long excruciating years of research and multiple failures, he found the most advanced cleaning solution that is plant-based, all-natural and way more powerful than the chemical ones.   

And that’s how Finolee was born to serve the greater purpose. It has always been a mission of Mr V. C. Vala to protect our mother earth and he’s fulfilling the same through delivering the most scientifically advanced all-natural home cleaning solutions.

Through these years, Mr V. C. Vala had organized hundreds of workshops and seminars on sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyles. He believes that the only way to eliminate harmful chemicals from our life is to turn buyers into ‘Conscious Buyers’. Those who are aware of what they are using will never prefer harmful chemicals.

“I saw hundreds of people blindly picking up things from the store every single day and it really broke my heart. They didn’t know how harmful these things are. These chemicals can cause cancer, they pollute our rivers, soil and yet the sales of these chemically infused cleaners were skyrocketing. That’s why we needed a far better solution that is all-natural and 100% toxins free. That’s why we needed Finolee.”

- Mr. V. C. Vala,

Founder and Chairman,

Finolee Bio Cleaning.