Why Finolee

All Natural

When it comes to harmful chemicals, there’s a big ‘NO’.


Additionally, all our products are infused with plant-derived bio enzymes, essential extracts and natural which makes our entire range of products baby-safe and Pet-safe.

Advanced Bioscience

Our products are made using a scientifically advanced bioscience formula that uses non-pathogenic ‘Good’ bacteria to digest the wastes, soils, stains and malodours.  

Apart from that, the infused bio enzymes perform cleaning action by breaking down the grime and grease. For instance, this action effectively removes the odours while adding shine and softness to the clothes.

Eco Friendly

When you use chemically infused cleaners, the water gets contaminated and gets into the river, adding to the already polluted rivers of our mother earth.

Finolee’s bio enzyme infused cleaning solution not only cleans the utensils, clothes and surfaces but also water. The primary task of these ‘good bacteria’ is to digest the waste so even when this water gets dumped into the river, it can only clean it and make it pure again.


For us, adding harmful chemicals into daily household items is as cruel as killing innocent animals. These chemicals are the primary cause of skin cancer and many more health hazards.

At Finolee, we use 100% vegan and organic ingredients that are safe for adults, babies and even pets. Additionally, despite our products being completely safe for humans and animals, we never test them on innocent animals.

Zero-Waste Production

Our manufacturing operations are designed to consume the least possible amount of water for production. In addition to that, we’ve implemented a zero-waste process to mark our commitment.

We’ve also adopted 100% recyclable and reusable packaging to ensure that we don’t end up contaminating our mother earth with plastic, not even by accident.  

Our Mission

At Finolee, we Believe that everyone deserves to live in a healthy environment. That’s why our mission is to build more sustainable, equitable and healthy earth for the next generation.

It is Now or Never!

In India, nearly 40 million litres of harmful chemically infused wastewater are dumped into the rivers every day. As a result, approx. 70% of the surface water is unfit for consumption now.

If we won’t act now for a better tomorrow, sadly, there won’t be a tomorrow.