Know facts about dish wash detergent!

Know facts about dish wash detergent!

Lifestyles of people are changing fast. With the increasing number of nuclear families, we are forced to do all the house chores ourselves. Among all the household work, dish cleaning is the most tedious task. At the same time, one needs to know, whether the use of chemically manufactured detergent for cleaning utensils is good for your health or not?

We have researched that people get away with glamorous advertisements of dish cleaning materials, liquids and soaps manufactured using harmful chemicals. Sometimes packaging, fragrance, color and model used for such products mislead consumers, even those who are passionate about using only natural products.

First of all you need to understand that the sweet fragrance and color are obtained with an enormous mixture of harmful chemicals. Such intensive fragrance of fresh fruits and lime and eye-catching colors are not easy to attain naturally or with general pigments. In order to group such characteristics, a wide range of chemicals is mixed by manufacturers of such products.

This mixture of compounds may even have harmful substances including Triclosan, Formaldehyde, phosphates, disodium EDTA etc. that can create major problems on your skin and body in a longer run. Using such products can be harmful for the skin of those who use them to clean dishes and utensils. Besides, residue of such products remains adhered even after cleaning of utensils. When these utensils are being used again to serve food, its harmful particles enter inside our body unknowingly.

Such hazardous chemicals have adverse effects on humans upon long exposure that includes weakening of the immune system and respiratory ailments. We understand that some of the reputed multinational companies use chemicals in minute quantities which are in diluted states to diminish their impact. However, the prolonged usage of even these detergent products has adverse impacts on human bodies that include the weakening of the immune system, respiratory ailments, skin irritation/damage, and cancer recurrence. Researches and studies clearly mention that most of the food poison cases count to the pigments of detergent left-over / residue on the dishes.

A plethora of cases have surfaced related to loss of fish and aqua beings lives after the detergent mixed water seeps into water bodies in India as well as other countries across the globe. Another example of chemical reaction is leakage from the carrier pipe of the sinks. This leakage generally happens due to the hard reaction of chemicals with water. This chemical water is carried through the seepage into water bodies. Large amounts of fish and water bodies lose their lives and sanity with the harsh detergent chemicals.

So, what are the best options for the safety of human and aqua beings health? In reality, nature has given so many options. One needs to find best possible alternatives to replace these harmful chemicals which are as handy as the chemically manufactured detergent and at the same time give similar performance when it comes to dish and utensil cleaning.  Dish cleaning manufactured using natural ingredients serves multiple purposes – cleans your utensils properly, doesn’t cause skin irritation problems, its residue doesn’t harm humans and additionally such products do not cause any damage to the environment.

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